Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Yes indeed, egg white! If you’ve tried everything and nothing has worked, it is indeed worth a try and it does seem to work from the many testimonials on its use. However it appears that there is a slight risk of infection involved. These are the stories of ladies who swear by it:

Husband and I had been trying to conceive for 5 months with no luck. This month we decided to use real egg whites. I used a syringe without the needle to insert the egg whites. I also used the pillow to prop myself up during intercourse. And then I stayed in bed until the next morning without getting up. We used them the day before ovulation and the day after.

14 days later we found out we are pregnant. I also know two other women who got pregnant recently and the only thing they did differently that month was the egg whites. I would recommend it to anyone!
James Jelly Bean

I’m nine weeks pregnant and here’s my story: husband and I have been trying to conceive for one year after a miscarriage. I’m 43 and was aware that I was producing much less cervical mucus that I used to. Most months I am not aware of any egg white cervical mucus.

I read about the egg white in February and tried it only once a few days before ovulation. I took an egg from the fridge, broke it open and sucked up some egg white with a medicine dropper. Took it into the bathroom and inserted it into my vagina and squeezed tight as I walked to the bed. We had intercourse and I got pregnant!

My doctor says it’s an absolute miracle. I believe he is right; however I didn’t tell him about the egg whites. I’m keeping that my little secret until I find out the genetic testing comes out okay. Then I will tell him about it.

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vee said...

hi ya im the lady who got 2 kids from my first hubby,been devorce and got another hubby...that i married him for about 7 yra now...and on january last year 2008 i was on atopic and they took out one of my tube..after my operation...and they old me that i still have chance to conceive for the second tube...hep....i dont know if i can try the egg white now if its no problem and let us see the result...please fill free to answer me back or any information regards to dis matter of having difficulties to conceive again...