Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Ten weeks ago, I gave birth to my beautiful baby. He was conceived on my second IUI attempt in June of 2004. We were dealing with tubal issues and male factor, so we were overjoyed that the second IUI took. To give a brief history, I had one tube removed in March of 2002 due to a hydosalpinx and husband was diagnosed with low counts, morphology, and motility in 2001. After an HSG and laparoscopy to remove the bad tube, I conceived naturally in June of 2002. This was after we were told by several fertility doctors that due to our combined fertility issues, IVF was our best option. Our baby was born in February of 2003. Best of luck to everyone here and believe that miracles do happen.

*Carrie proud mommy to Alexa and Zachary

Never Give Up
This is a testament to never giving up. My husband and I tried to get pregnant for over 5 years . He was okay with no problems. But for me the story was very different.I struggled with hormone inbalances, thyroid problems and a poor reaction to the Clomid ( even though we tried it for a whole year --- mistake).In the end of the struggle - when I thought I could not bear any more tests, any more procedures ... I had my 6th IUI with Follistim for the 3rd time ... and to my surprise and pleasure. I was pregnant! I got another surprise on 02/28/2005 - when TWO HEARTBEATS were seen on the ultrasound screen. I am almost 16 weeks with these two angels!Never stop trying!


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