Monday, November 3, 2008

101 Babies Expected After New Infertility Treatment

After suffering the heartbreak of years of infertility, scores of US couples claim their dreams came true due to a newly developed therapy. Over one hundred babies have been born or are expected by women diagnosed infertile after receiving a new physical therapy treatment, similar to a deep massage. The new treatment uses no drugs or surgery, according to its developers, physical therapist Belinda Wurn, and massage therapist Larry Wurn.

It was first used in Florida as an adjunct to medical treatments. Developed to treat infertility and pain, the patent protected Wurn Technique® is becoming available at clinics throughout the US. Cathleen, a Florida nurse, was given a five percent chance of ever becoming pregnant. She underwent four IVF attempts without success, then had a natural pregnancy and childbirth after receiving the new therapy. "It is exactly what my body needed. I was amazed to become pregnant naturally, a few months after the therapy!" Manhattan resident Julie said, "Both of my fallopian tubes were blocked with adhesions before therapy. Two months after therapy, I became pregnant at 42 years of age for the first time in my life!" Julie and Cathleen both delivered healthy baby girls.

Published medical studies "Medscape General Medicine" (6/04) examine the technique's effectiveness. 71% of infertile women in one small study conceived naturally after treatment; a larger controlled study showed that women who received the therapy before in vitro fertilization (IVF) had a 67% pregnancy rate with IVF - much higher than the control group. "Some successes in the natural therapy study were remarkable," said Richard King, MD, gynecologist and Medical Director of Florida Medical and Research Institute. "We had natural pregnancies and births in women diagnosed with adhesions, endometriosis, hormonal problems, and blocked fallopian tubes." Women in both studies averaged 5 years of infertility before the treatment. The therapy has an unusual side effect in some women: increased orgasms.

In a third study published in "Medscape General Medicine," (12/04) the therapy was shown to significantly increase desire, arousal and orgasm, and decrease sexual intercourse pain in study participants. The 20-hour therapy program can be completed in five days at Clear Passage clinics in Florida, Iowa, California or New York. See Free phone consultations are available at 1-866-BABYHERE (866-222-9437).

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